John Moore, Moore Power Sales, presents 'Presenting Yourself to Close the Deal.'

Not Closing the Sale? If you are working on the “Close”, you are working on the wrong end of the Problem!

  • Are you working very hard but not closing your fair share of the opportunities?
  • Do you build quality proposals and then the prospect “ghosts” you?
  • Do prospects act interested, take your expertise and then stay with their current provider or try to do it themselves?
  • Are you getting beat up on price?
  • Will a potential recession make things worse?

You are not alone. BUT, it is everything before the Close that matters! This session will focus on two things:

  • What needs to happen prior to a presentation, proposal or demo
  • What the right order is. Miss any of these and we often find ourselves in “chase” mode.

This workshop is geared for anyone who sells regardless of your industry. If you are involved in the selling process directly or in-directly, the content will apply. The selling methodology we will lay out is appropriate for large and small businesses. If you are in Outside sales, Inside Sales, Customer Service or Tech Support. If you support the sale, make time to view this webinar!

Presenting Yourself to Close the Deal