A key part of JARI’s mission is to build our local economy by helping local businesses develop and grow, in part by facilitating cooperation among area businesses. Cooperation can mean that businesses choose to shop locally for products and services, rather than purchasing from outside the region. Cooperation can also mean companies collaborate to land a government contract they would be unable to get on their own. But no matter what form it takes, businesses in our region know they need to support each other in any way they can — and JARI is here to facilitate and amplify those efforts.

A big way area businesses can help each other is by sharing their expertise. So JARI is launching a new section of our blog called “Expertise Matters,” in which we’ll invite area experts to write guest posts on topics of interest to other businesses and people thinking about starting a business – essentially, helping others by sharing their expertise. It’s a natural extension of JARI’s educational offerings, such as our Lunch & Learn seminars, and we hope you’ll find it useful.

We’re excited about this new cooperative effort, which over time will result in an extensive archive of educational articles by local experts right here on JARI's website.

From the Experts