The following is a list of the JARI Board of Directors, JIDC Board of Directors, JARI Industry Partnership Co-Chairs and the Defense Business Council Members:


JARI 2018 Board of Directors

  • Chair – William C. Polacek
    CEO, JWFI Industries
  • 1st Vice Chair -William J. Locher, Jr.
    Sr. Vice President, Somerset Trust Company
  • 2nd Vice Chair – Matthew B. Smith
    Executive Vice President, Laurel Auto Group
  • Secretary – Robert J. Eyer
    Partner, Wessel & Company
  • Assistant Secretary – Marty J. Radovanic
    Regional Sales, Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Treasurer – Jeffrey A. Stopko
    CEO, AmeriServ Financial
  • Assistant Treasurer – Steve  E. Tucker
    President/CEO, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center
  • Elmer C. Laslo
    President, 1st Summit Bank
  • Michael E. Kane
    Executive Director, Community Foundation for the Alleghenies
  • Craig Saylor
  • John R. Boderocco
    President, H. F. Lenz Company
  • Dr. Randy L. Frye
    Dean-School of Business, Saint Francis University
  • Thomas C. Mishler
    Sr. Account Executive, UPMC Health Plan
  • David B. Zucco
    Vice President, Kongsberg Protech Systems
  • Gilda A. Jackson
    President/General Manager, Lockheed Martin AeroParts
  • Gregory J. Winger
    Sr. Vice President, First National Bank of PA

JIDC 2018 Board of Directors

  • Chair – Jeffry D. Cramer
    Executive Vice President, 1st Summit Bank
  • Vice Chair – Kathleen M. Wallace, CPA
    Partner, Catanese Group
  • Secretary – John R. Boderocco
    Partner, H. F. Lenz Company
  • Assistant Secretary – Michele Clapper
    VP of Finance & Economic Development, JARI
  • Assistant Secretary – Joette Watson
    Chief Financial Officer, JARI
  • Treasurer – Joel C. Valentine
    CPA, President/CEO, Wessel & Company
  • Assistant Treasurer – Kevin M. Volk
    Divisional Vice President, Northwest Bank
  • William E. Uhlig
    External Affairs Manager, First Energy
  • Michael A. Barletta
    President/CEO, Crown American Associates
  • Mark Parseghian III
    Manager, Property & Risk Management, Concurrent Technologies Corporation
  • Michele A. Bonerigo
    Program Manager, In-Shore Technologies, Inc.
  • Robert J. Cabala
    VP-Commercial Banking, First National Bank of PA
  • Stephen G. Zamias
    President/CEO, Zamias Services, Inc.
  • Ethan Stewart
    Investment Advisor, Centennial Financial Group

JARI Industry Partnerships Co-Chairs

Cambria Business and Education

  • Michele Bonerigo
    Program Manager
    In-Shore Technologies, Inc.
  • Carole Kakabar
    Ferndale School District

Cambria/Somerset Advanced Manufacturing

  • Lindsey Hilbrecht
    Manager, Human Resources
    North American Hoganas

Cambria/Somerset Healthcare

  • Linda Fox
    Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
    Conemaugh Health System

Cambria/Somerset Safety

  • Dave Johnson
    Manager, Safety Health & Environmental
    North American Hoganas
  • Paul Seitz
    Business Development
    PHOENIX Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc./Workplace Health

Defense Business Council – 2017 Members

  • Edward J. Sheehan, Jr.
    President/CEO, Concurrent Technologies Corporation
  • John R. Boderocco
    President, H. F. Lenz Company
  • David Bjornberg
    Director, Engineering Solutions & Manufacturing, Compass Systems
  • Timothy P. Brown
    Vice President, Enterprise Venture Corporation
  • Anthony N. Caper
    Site Lead, Leonardo DRS
  • Darryl L. DiOrio
    President/CEO Gautier Steel
  • Robert J. Eyer
    Chairman of the Board, Wessel & Company
  • Jason M. Galiote
    Operations Manager, Kitron
  • Adam S. Henger
    Regional Director, Business Development, Maser Consulting
  • Gilda A. Jackson
    President/General Manager,  Lockheed Martin AeroParts
  • Havard Klukkerud
    Vice President/General Manager, Kongsberg Protech Systems
  • Kim W. Kunkle
    President, Laurel Holdings
  • Gregory S. Platt
    Assistant General Manager, Cambria County Assn. for the Blind & Handicapped
  • John J. Polacek
    Chief Operating Officer, JWF Defense
  • Jennifer Christman
    Senior Vice President, VetAdvisors
  • Michael A. Santoro
    General Manager, Martin-Baker America
  • Carl R. Sax
  • William S. Sipko
    President/CEO, BCL Manufacturing
  • Jeffrey Wood
    Vice President, Finance & USG Compliance, Kongsberg Protech Systems