December 2011 report by the National Association of Manufacturers, a trade organization based in Washington, D.C., predicted the Marcellus Shale boom could spark a manufacturing renaissance in this country—creating a million manufacturing jobs by the year 2025.  In Pennsylvania alone, the natural gas industry invested more than $12 billion in 2011 while supporting more than 200,000 jobs across the state.   And there are plenty of opportunities to go around—right in our own backyard.

What we can offer

Easy access to highways; state-of-the-art air facility; passenger/freight rail system; much more!

“Johnstown’s economy is firmly in recovery…The region’s energy industry will continue to breathe life into the economy…Companies are finding ways to indirectly support (Marcellus Shale) producers…The benefits are being reaped by everything from banks to engineers and construction companies contracted to design and build plant expansions.” – Moody’s Analytics, May 2012

Interested in finding your link in the Marcellus Shale supply chain?  JARI’s Marcellus Shale Consortium can help you identify your niche as a supplier.  The Consortium, which meets quarterly, has 45 members—everything from engineering and research and development firms to metals manufacturers and environmental testing companies.  Of those, about one in four has already developed relationships within the Shale-Gas Industry.

JARI also works collaboratively with the Marcellus Shale Coalition to make available valuable educational resources and networking opportunities to local businesses.  If you believe your company has a product or service that could be a part of the Marcellus Shale supply chain, contact Linda Thomson at or 814.262.8370.