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From the official site:

Showcase for Commerce is a nationally renowned business and industry trade show and defense contracting exhibition.

It is one event, but you will have access to:

  • Over 100 multi-national, national and regional exhibitors
  • Over 1000 attendees
  • Billions of dollars in contracts

You will have unique opportunities to connect with:

  • Government acquisition leaders
  • Federal elected officials
  • Major defense corporations and subcontractors
  • Strategic business partners, both regional and national/international

You can optimize your participation through:

  • Government contracting education and training
  • Targeted networking events

In short, Showcase for Commerce is one of the best returns on investment for your business dollar.

For questions contact:

Linda Thomson
Johnstown Area Regional Industries
814-535-8677 (fax)

Debra Orner
Interim President/CEO
Cambria Regional Chamber
814-539-5800 (fax)