The Wellspring Group, LLC

Business Name: The Wellspring Group, LLC
Contact Title: President/Owner
Contact Salutation: Mr.
Contact First Name: Mark
Contact Last Name: Jenkins
Contact Phone Number: (814) 418-0348
Address: 1243 Almira Street
City: Johnstown
State: PA
Zip: 15905
Phone: (814) 418-0348
County (PA Only): NA
Municipality: City of Johnstown
Business Type: Small Business
Capability Description:

We are a cost reduction and containment consulting company specializing in rapid and sustainable profit improvement. We cover a variety of spend categories and are able to reduce some areas by as much as 30 to 40 percent without any reduction in performance, reliability, or levels of service. While we do many of the same things our competitors do, we go beyond their scope by working with your organization to improve, rework, and realign processes that burden you with unnecessary complexity and costs. Often it is not what you are spending, but how and why you are spending that inflates your costs. We fix those issues, reduce spend, and then turn over the entire playbook of how we accomplished the savings to your organization so you can sustain the improvements. In addition we stay engaged with you for the length of any new agreements we help you put in place to insure there is no creep in the original savings.

Date Established: 02/01/2004
Annual Sales: 250,000 to 2,000,000
Notable Clients: Marvel Entertainment, Conemaugh Health System, Cornell University, University of Louisville, H. Lee Moffet Cancer Center, International Code Council, Select Medical Corp., F&W Media, Jefferson University Hospital, Lion Apparel, NY Jets, National Tooling and Machining Assoc., Aria Health, Mainline Health, Indiana Regional Medical Center
Full-time Employees: 5
Part-time Employees: 7