Clear Choice Solar

Business Name: Clear Choice Solar
Contact Title: President
Contact Salutation: Mr.
Contact First Name: Adam
Contact Last Name: Mundok
Contact Phone Number: 814-201-6798
Address: 513 1/2 Power St
City: Johnstown
State: PA
Zip: 15906
Phone: 814-201-6798
County (PA Only): Cambria
Municipality: Johnstown
Business Type: Small Business
Capability Description:

We are a full-service solar consultant for residential, small business, and utility customers. We design an optimal system based on your specific electricity needs then allow local installers to bid for your job. So we do all the heavy lifting to insure that you get the best value and price offerings. In this way, your choice us clear, and everybody wins.

Date Established: 2017
Annual Sales: 200, 000
Full-time Employees: 1