Johnstown is a resilient community.

Our contribution to the U.S. economy via metals manufacturing has withstood the test of time.  We continue to be leaders in powder metal, steel, and exotic metal production and fabrication.  Much like Pittsburgh, Johnstown has proven again and again, to be a leader in innovation and quality.  As part of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) with Pittsburgh and Morgantown, Johnstown is poised to grow this important sector into the future.

Johnstown’s business and political leadership are uniquely and jointly focused on the future of the region.

Perhaps you have heard about our “Vision 2025” framework, launched in 2015 with the help of Carnegie Mellon’s Remaking Cities Institute.  Vision 2025 embraces our community assets, builds on this foundation, and engages community participation.  Eight hundred volunteers across our region are actively participating in efforts to build up our sense of community, sustain our environment and attract new investment.  This is all due to the vision and leadership of key stakeholders who are bullish on Johnstown.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well.

New resources are being built each day to allow for greater access to capital and technical assistance, to support a culture of innovation, and to better align entrepreneurs with these services.  Those who want a high quality of life with a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities, short commute times, reasonable housing costs and a lower cost of doing business find the Johnstown region enticing.