UFC Finds Partners in Mexico City, Philippines and Japan

SAP&DC Newsletter

Universal Forensics Corp. (UFC) is a full service genetics DNA testing laboratory located in Somerset, Pennsylvania. UFC’s principal services are relationship testing, infidelity, immigration testing and forensics for identification of disaster victims.

UFC’s Larry Marsh, Director of Strategic Alliances attended the BTW2PA (Bringing the World to Pennsylvania) event that was coordinated by SAP&DC. After meeting with Pennsylvania’s ATR for Mexico at the BTW2PA event, UFC was able to successfully negotiate a representation agreement for Mexico City.

UFC also worked with the Pennsylvania office in Singapore to successfully sign contractual agreements with a company in the Philippines as well as the parent company located in Tokyo, Japan.

For more information about UFC, visit their website. Also, look for the full articles in the SAP&DC April 2017 newsletter on their website.

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