Pumpkin Chunkin Competition

JARI and Faranda’s Farm is pleased to announce our new partnership to host a Pumpkin Chunkin Competition for local high school students. The competition will be held at Faranda’s Farm located in Hollsopple, PA., on November 4, 2017.

Seven local school districts are registered to participate in the competition in which students form teams and build their own prototype of a trebuchet to launch pumpkins the longest distance. The students will use the S.T.E.M concepts to solve the challenges presented by force and gravity.

We are currently searching for mentors and judges to help at the event and in-kind sponsors for building materials.  Mentors will assist the teams through the designing, building and testing process. Judges will review the judging criteria and participate in scoring the teams the day of the competition.

If you are interested in helping with this event, contact Debi Balog, Director, Workforce Development, at (814) 262-8366 or via email at .

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